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Our Company focuses on precision machining of gears, forging, steel casting, aluminum die-casting and other special shaped products, and the products are mainly divided into six systems: gears, steering knuckle, hub mounts, body connectors, rear wheel axle supports, differential housings, and rear axle axles of ATVS. We are the supplier of many well-known enterprises worldwide, including Chunfeng Power, Polaris, French Light Riding Peugeot, Taiwan Guangyang, Qianjiang Motorcycle and so on.

We have our own forging and casting sector, opening up the entire industrial chain, so that products from input to output can becontrolled, is our main competitive advantage.

Our company has own R & D center, making all kinds of independent research and development of 22 patents. It can be customized according with the customer's two-dimensional diagram, three-dimensional drawing, sample, or according with the customer's specific use scenario to give the optimal design scheme.

Our company adheres to the core values of "better, much better", pursues the perfection, and constantly makes development. We continuously increases the investment in production and testing equipment, pays great attention to process control, increasesthe investment in tooling and inspection tools, optimizes the process, adheres to the promotion of lean production and refined management, and strives to achieve the perfect combination of "cost, quality and delivery".


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